Sickened Kind

by Drip-Fed

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released December 15, 2015


Jeffrey Blum - Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Helton - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Brookshire - Drums

*John Nichols plays guitar live and is my best friend
*Lyrics to "Starve Yourself" by Nathan Helton
*Recorded, mixed and mastered by Travis Bonner at The Diamond Factory



all rights reserved


Drip-Fed Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Misophonia
Walk along as a sickened kind. Staying dormant with some passing time. It creeps up with ill-intent. Every day a new side effect. The sounds I hear wake up the beast. The sights I see are killing me, but it’s alright. Give me some drugs and I’ll be alright. Walk along with a sickened mind. It won’t be passing this time. I’m a creep and malcontent. Giving up is a life well spent.
Track Name: Pollute Me
It looks so good setting the world on fire. I have to see my breath to prove that I’m alive. You know I’ve never liked the summer time. So I shed my leaves. To make it through our lives as we suffer and survive. We all will need our vice and mine just happen to kill. Yeah, mine just happen to kill. Beneath this rotting family tree that’s thinning out with our disease. Gasp for air down on my knees. Now let me have one last cigarette.
Track Name: Salted Earth
Eat from the earth. We’re the salt to its rot. Drink from the water and steal from the sun. I destroy myself. We destroy each other. This place doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. We’re all impermanent, lonely and hesitant. The darkest stain on time. Eat from the flesh. Pick your teeth with the bone. Drink from the mother and kill all her young. Destroy the evidence. We can claim our innocence. This place doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Bound to society. The burden of humanity. The darkest stain on time. When it’s all over I’ll be the first to rejoice. Until that day:
Track Name: Starve Yourself
I don't restore off your consolation because I'm starved by my own hands. No reprieve towards self-deprivation, I am the wall that says nothing back. Am I far enough away yet? I can still hear your words of hope leading to closure that don't appeal to me. 'Cause I don't see the roses in the garden, only the blood dripping from the thorn. And I push it into every canvas and tell myself you will always feel this way. "This will pass. You're not broken and I'm always here for you." I'm not someone who wants to hear it. The way you comfort me is like someone who cares; careful hands to mend the bone. The way your words are received is like fire talking to the trees: I just want to be alone.
Track Name: Shave My Head
Wasting away in this public school. Ignore your warnings and break every rule. Wired at birth to be a troubled man. They will never understand. All time spent sitting by myself. I feel the weighing self-doubt. I see your constantly moving mouth, but I don’t hear a word you say. I don’t care about talking that much. I don’t care about drinking that much. I don’t care about fucking that much. All I need is this noise. My time spent sitting in this house. I don’t want to be found. My bones heal at the sound. All I need is this noise. Wanna shave my head. Don’t wanna be dead. Wanna shave my head. I’ll be a punk until I’m fucking dead.