Demo 2014

by Drip-Fed

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Recorded in April 2014 in Austin, TX


released May 29, 2014

Recorded and engineered by Travis Bonner at The Diamond Factory

Guitar/Vocals - Jeffrey Blum
Bass/Vocals - Nathan Helton
Drums- Ryan Brookshire



all rights reserved


Drip-Fed Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Coke Sabbath
Crowd the masses. The sun is rising. Wipe the blood from my fucking nose. Manic tendencies wearing on my sleeve. The drip burns in my throat. On a Sunday, I could give a fucking shit. Too far gone. Out of my head. “May the peace be with you my brother.” Dirty shaking hands as I stutter, “Jesus Christ is praised by the dollar. Just a bastard son with a whorish mother.” Too far gone. Out of my head. I’m feeling down and I’m dropping out.
Track Name: Texas/Hate
Deep in the hate of Texas. Blame the poor and waste our taxes. I don’t have time for you guilty Catholics. I don’t take orders from you filthy fucking Baptist. “Unpatriotic maggot”: Denied our rights controlled by fucking bigots. Regulate the unborn while your children sit and rot at home. String them up. Gut them out. Empty their pockets and just leave their bodies hanging on the Capitol steps.
Track Name: Lab Rats Inc.
Break my back. Break my neck. Break my fucking will to live. Waste my time. Waste my mind. Waste my fucking worthless life. You rat. Stacked in rows like bounded sheep. Nose to the grindstone and feeling the heat. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Take the bait and eat. Nine to five like a soulless drone. Suit and tie as another clone. Moan, moan, moan, moan. Break the stitch to sew. This maze becomes our home. As lab rats we will roam.
Track Name: Stuck In A Rut
Stuck in a rut every day of the week. Not making progress is the future I see. Weighed down by all of the vices I keep. Losing my grip even when I’m asleep. I'm not afraid of admitting defeat. A terrible excuse for a human fucking being. I stare at the wall and talk to myself. Living alone always talk to myself. Fuck all the change still say to myself. Next time I always say to myself. Wearing thin slowly killing myself. Pleasure is pain always hurt myself. Where do we go from here?