Under the Wave Blanket

from by Drip-Fed



Make a bed on ocean’s floor. Let minerals soak into pores. Self-destruct. Out of sight. Out of mind. Chewed up, spit out and left behind. Stuck in pull from the undertow. Without current there’s no place to go. Lost resolve. Twisted thoughts. Broken bones. Every wave keeps repeating, “Bottom feeder.” Head full of water and I make a choice. If you’re on land you’ll never hear my voice. Predisposed to decompose too slow. Every day is repeating. I’ve got my ear to the devil’s door. I’ve been listening for a while now. Take and take. More and more. Trembling nails dig deeper. I’m a bottom feeder where no light penetrates. Do not hesitate. It’s time that I accept my fate. Hands clutching pills. A stomach to be filled. You should not come down here. Please do not come down here. You do not belong here.


from Under the Wave Blanket, released March 3, 2017



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Drip-Fed Austin, Texas

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